LCD Zincanneal SignTurning Your Avant-Garde Sign Concepts Into Realities...

For the last few years, schools have had a Federal Government initiative to rebadge themselves, with some of the signs incorporating either LED or LCD modules in their new signs.

One of my clients approached me, saying that since I had done the sign for the Rockford Hotels Group, would I like to do something similar for a school he was pitching.
He showed me his brief, and told me he wanted no visible fixings, or hinge lines, and the lock must be at the rear of the sign.
This seems to be a growing trend, and generally doesn’t pose a problem for me.

I got the nod, and started to design how I would make this sign. Everything to me was run-of-the-mill, except for the door hinging. I eventually decided upon a clever cantilevered hinge, that would be completely hidden when the door is closed.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures during fabrication, so all I have are pictures at the end of the build, but you will see some of the complexities I had to deal with along the way...

This shot is a front shot. The tapes are for a protective screen cover on the LCD unit. Polycarbonate is later placed inside as a full protection layer.


Edge view.


Rear view, showing only one small dimple, which is the keyed compression lock.


Back to the front again.


Door in the open position. The only way I could have secret hinging, was to have to sides of the door move with it.


A separate hinged system to allow the rear of the LCD unit to be serviced. If you look closely, you can see two perforated circular discs on the bottom of the false floor, these cover the fans I installed for air flow.


Another shot detailing the whole door movement.


Sign on site. The following two pictures were taken three years after install, and it has stood up quite well, being close to the sea, and being in Semaphore. No physical damage at all.
There was however, a lot of graffiti on the sign when we took these shots, and I mean a LOT, which upset me. My wife, who was with me at the time, suggested we remove the graffiti using Photoshop when we get home, which we did. We each selected a photograph and brushed it out, felt like we were council workers, removing tags!


Another shot.


This sign was really quite easy to build, but like the Rockford sign, the LCD had issues. This unit was sold to my client as a top shelf outdoor unit, but it failed, miserably.
Extra fans were installed to give more air flow, but it still isn’t enough.

LCD units just don’t like being in the plain outside, simple.

LCD Zincanneal Enclosure For Westport Primary School At Semaphore, South Australia