Finger SignsTurning Your Avant-Garde Sign Concepts Into Realities...

I was called upon by a client to manufacture quite a few wayfinder and site signs for a high school. In amongst the brief, there were to be two finger signs as well.

The brief had good visuals, and the finger signs looked easy from the outset. I was also given a template showing a birds eye view as to how the fingers on each sign were to be facing to allow people to navigate the grounds of the school.
But, as it seems with all schools, there are far too many people involved in the decision making, and they all want a bit of their ego incorporated into the end design. One person wanted the fingers to be fully rotatable, so if the need arose to change something, it could be... okay, I can do rotation...

Then the familiar catch cry was heard again... No visible bolts or screws on the rotating fingers...

Well, time to get creative!

First of all, I had to fabricate the two posts, which had a taper near the bottom. Easy enough done, as you can see.


Second task was to now grind off all the welding on the tapers. I decided to make a couple of jigs, to allow me to rotate (there’s that word again...) the posts whilst grinding.
I simply made some heavy angle iron sections with rubber tyre wheels to fit between them, worked a treat!


Next, was the fabrication of the fingers. A lot of rolling, and lathe work to do this. I won’t bother with the details, as it becomes evident in the following photographs.

All the pieces gingerly fitting together before I weld them.


Next was to make a simple jig to Tig weld them together.

IMG_0119 (1)

A closer look at the jig. The Tek screws is what holds each finger in position on the post.


Once made, I fitted one to a section of steel the same size as the post.


Then I clipped on its self aligning and self locking cover... followed by its own lid. These were quite clever, they were machined to fit, with no fixings required.


Then I got bored, and piled them up!


As you can see, they do not actually have to sit on top of each other, there is a nice visual space in between.


The tapered section looks pretty cool too!


One sign (the above sign) had two fingers, whilst the other one had four. The four finger unit was not installed, as they kept changing their minds as to where to put it.
I am led to believe, it is still in my clients shop, after eighteen months.... schools...
Finger Signs For Henley Beach High School, South Australia