3D Hard Cover BooksTurning Your Avant-Garde Sign Concepts Into Realities...

One of my clients, who ALWAYS gives me the weirdest briefs (and we do love him for that), asked if I could make some signs that look like old hardcover books.
The brief he gave me, is actually the background picture in this entry, that was ALL I got at the beginning.
Looked simple enough, but then his designer wanted to change it, and make them REALLY look like REAL books!

Okay... I sense an interesting build coming on...

They narrowed it down to three books, and they had to have the definite hard cover look, as well as a realistic spine running down the side.
They still weren’t sure which book was going where, and in what position, so I had to make three very identical bases for them, so that once the bases we concreted in, they still had options on the day.

I set about fabricating the frames using 100 x 100 posts, and on either side, 100 x 50 RHS, to give the overall depth required. This was easy, then the real fun began...

I couldn’t roll the spines in one length, as they wouldn’t fit in my rollers, so I decided to split them into three, and weld them together afterward. Well, the rolling went okay, but you only have to be one millimetre out between them, and the fit up prior to welding becomes difficult.
I really had to work the sheet to get them to fit, by peening, to either shrink or stretch them. Got them in the end, but it took a while, longer than I had bargained for.


Next stage, was to start fleshing out the book (sound like a novelist, don’t I...), by attaching the spines, followed by the hard covers, and page inserts. All of this had to be secretly fixed as well.


My brother Michael, who, on some days, has the patience of a saint, is working on the cover sections.


Here he is again, working the corner for a good fit up.


In the evenings, we would simply roll them inside the workshop. My price included three frames with good castor wheels for them to be manoeuvred, both here, and at my clients workshop.


My job was done, and we blessed them with love (really hope, that they would work...) and fork lifted them onto a trailer.


Installation day. Bases had been in for a while, and once the signs were in place, a 20 mm. composite was applied within my cover recesses as I suggested.


Job done!


Six separate covers denoting six stories on three books, sort of does my head in.


Recessed page detail.


Splines worked out pretty good.


I cannot simply just look at my work, I have to inspect it, critically.


Another shot.


Pretty solid looking I think.


This job was a lot of fun. I would certainly do it again if asked, and I wouldn’t change anything, it all went sweet!

3D Hard Cover Books For Carrick Hill, South Australia