Clean Skin Shaped BoxTurning Your Avant-Garde Sign Concepts Into Realities...

This job is nothing out of the ordinary to look at, but the devil is in the details, let me explain.

An existing sign along Jetty Road at Glenelg was simply falling apart, because it was made with steel, and for those of you not familiar with Glenelg, it is a sea side precinct, ergo... RUST.
I was asked to price up a replacement, but with extras. The new sign was to be made with aluminium, have three dimensional lettering, no visible fixings, and a large face that has no border or trims to hold it in place, like conventional illuminated signs do.

All no big deal, as I have done a few cleanskin boxes, with flush fit recessed solid faces. This face was a problem though, as it had to be 3.0 mm. thick aluminium, which also carried 3D acrylic letters and lighting, so each face was going to be heavy indeed.

I set about making a pattern, from which I used to roll my aluminium sections. The same pattern was also used so I could weld the structure together, and keep some semblance of alignment of the opposing frames.


The next part was to join the two frames, and skin them up using a combination of 2.0 and 3.0 mm. aluminium sheet.


Once this was done, the 3.0 mm. faces were cut, fitted, and fastening lugs attached to the rears.
“Oh”, you ask, “How do you put the last face on?” That’s my little secret!


Inside view of the box with one face attached.


This shot is actually showing the box in an upside down position, I simply turned it this way so I could fit the secondary box, and wall bracket.


A big improvement on the old box!


The bottom of the box is around three and a half metres high from the ground.


End view, showing the dimensional facets of the 3D lettering.


No fixings, completely clean, and face fit-up worked a treat.


Over the years, I have perhaps fabricated maybe a third of the illuminated signs along Jetty Road, but this one is by far the best one!
Clean Skin Shaped Box For Taplin At Glenelg, South Australia