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This web site is not a showcase of my last twenty five years of work in the sign industry, it is simply a log of some of the more interesting and challenging jobs that have come through my door over the last four years (yes, that’s around when I got a digital camera)!

In my twenty five years as a Sheet Metal Worker, there is not too much I haven’t tackled as far as signs go, and to put another perspective on this, I seriously lost count of how many illuminated signs I had made, after we counted back in the accounts program... in excess of TWO THOUSAND!
Think about it, that equates to wiring up at least eight thousand flourescent tubes, which, if you laid, end to end, it would stretch nearly ten kilometres!

I don’t simply manufacture illuminated signs, I manufacture all manner of frames, displays, pylon signs, and point of sale gondolas. I wouldn’t be able to fit all of their photo’s on a web site, and more to the point, who would even bother to look past page three anyway.

Over the last few years, I have found myself, both through direction, and luck, fabricating more high end one-off products, and it is a rewarding path to follow. A fair proportion of my clients don’t always see what is currently being made on the workshop floor, but when they do, it just seems to manifest, and I get more of the same type of work, so this is why this web site was developed, to allow existing, and prospective clients, the ability to see what I have done, and can do for them in the future.

It must be noted, that I do not select the overall design, colour, or graphics for the following projects, I simply turn the clients intentions from the page, into a three dimensional powder coated blank canvas, for them to apply the graphics and install. The only exception to this, are the two projects I have done for myself, namely the Applied Tectonics projects.

In the following projects, there is no “Razzle - Dazzle”, highlighting special machines, tooling, or skills. They just simply outline some of the steps, problems, and countermeasures taken to achieve the desired result.

Please have a look through them, and enjoy...


About This Website