Roadside Sign For MyselfTurning Your Avant-Garde Sign Concepts Into Realities...

This entry falls on the back of a previous entry I did on a roof sign I had made for myself.
Maybe it should have gone in that entry, but a couple of years had passed, so hey, it gets its own whole new entry!

If you have read the roof sign entry, you may recall that a storm had ruined the boundary fence, and knocked over the old directory sign, and I was waiting for my landlord to replace both.
Well, two years later, the next door property was sold, and the new owner decided he wanted a new fence, so my landlord had to share costs.

New fence! But, no new sign...

I then asked my land lord if he could at least bore, and place two posts into the ground, where the old tenant sign used to be, and I would fabricate something that would tie in with the new fence, he agreed.
Once the posts were in and painted, I started to think about designs (which is not my strong point, mind you), and came up with something I thought would suit the area.
I wanted one header board along the top, as well as four individual tenant boards for each side, that could be interchangeable, with absolute ease.

Right, let’s start making!

Here, I have made a 25 x 25 mm. RHS frame to fit neatly in between the posts. The top caps you see are simply to hold it in position so I can mark and drill the holes into the posts.


Once I drilled the holes, I clad both sides of the frame with custom orb, and fabricated the boards.
One side of the frame had to have the cladding already riveted on, as there was no room between the fence and the sign to do it later, whilst the other side was simply held in place with cleco’s.
You may notice the rebate detail on the boards, this is to allow them to french around the post.


Another shot of the sign. The main header board, and eight tenant boards are quite clever in their design.
They simply hook and slide into place, and are quite firm indeed. On a couple of occasions, I have had to remove and replace lettering, because of new tenants, and it’s a breeze!


This photo was taken at about ten o’clock in the morning after my son and I had installed the frame and faces. It was forty two degrees at this time, time to call it a day!
You will notice that where the boards attach, there are only the backing panels, as I wanted to send the boards into the powder coater.


Powder coating back, vinyl graphics applied, and woo-hoo... new sign!


This sign does match its surroundings, and surprisingly, my clients do like it!
There’s hope for me yet...
Roadside Tennant Sign For Myself At Somerton Park, South Australia