Roof Sign For MyselfTurning Your Avant-Garde Sign Concepts Into Realities...

My workshop is in a lane way, and the old fence dividing my property and next door, was in a bad state of repair.
One evening, we had a rather large storm, which left some gaps in the fence, as well as blowing down the old timber tenant directory board for my premises.
I asked my landlord, if we could have a new boundary fence, as well as a new sign. Commitment and speed are not his strong points...

It was around a year later, and I was getting sick of trucks and deliveries by new people getting lost, and unable to find me. I’m a sign maker, why don’t I build my own sign!
I wasn’t going to spend time and money on a new directory, because the fence was still in flux, so I decided upon something rather novel.

When you drive down my street, and peer into my lane way, the view is quite unfettered, so I decided to make a large cantilevered sign coming out from over my roof, that could be seen from the street. I played around with some design ideas, and went old school. I simply cut out the text from one of my letterheads, and glued it inside my drawing. Once this was done, I cut it out, and walked out to the street, and held it up at arms length, to see what size it had to be for legibility, simply by moving my arm in and out. I decided on big, as big as I could manage from one full sheet of metal.


So, up on the roof, get some measurements, and fabricate. All of this structure is made from 50 x 25 x 2.0 mm. RHS, and the skins are 1.0 Zincanneal.


Detail showing the 3D look I was trying to achieve.


Just after installation. As you can see, the bracket that holds this down onto my roof is quite large. This is to counteract any strong winds.
You will notice the visible fixings on the face. This was the look I wanted, stainless steel socket head screws and large washers, to try and give a pseudo industrial look.


One of two views of the new sign.


Another view of the same.


Well, obviously a designer, I am not, according to nearly all of my clients! They all fondly call it “Ian’s Phallic Sign”!
The big weapon screws on the face annoys them as well, yet it is what I had always planned.

Their criticisms are accepted, and noted. I am a metal worker, not a trained sign writer, but hey, it works, people find me now... They just look for the big dick hanging on the roof!

Roof Sign For Myself At Somerton Park, South Australia